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GStreamer is a large project, so it's split up into several modules. Most people need at least gstreamer, gst-plugins-base and gst-plugins-good to do anything useful.

Here's a quick overview of all of our modules :
module description stable version devel version status
gstreamer core library and elements 1.24.4 git main active
gst-plugins-base an essential exemplary set of elements 1.24.4 git main active
gst-plugins-good a set of good-quality plug-ins under our preferred license, LGPL 1.24.4 git main active
gst-plugins-ugly a set of good-quality plug-ins that might pose distribution problems 1.24.4 git main active
gst-plugins-bad a set of plug-ins that need more quality, testing or documentation 1.24.4 git main active
gst-libav Libav-based plug-in containing many decoders and encoders 1.24.4 git main active
gst-python python bindings 1.24.4 git main active
gst-editing-services Editing Services 1.24.4 git main active
gst-rtsp-server RTSP server 1.24.4 git main active
gstreamer-sharp C#/.NET bindings 1.24.4 git main active
gstreamer-vaapi VA-API integration 1.24.4 git main active
cerbero Cerbero build system for Windows, OS/X, Android and iOS 1.24.4 git main active
orc Orc runtime compiler 0.4.38 git main active
qt-gstreamer QtGStreamer N/A N/A abandoned
gnonlin Non-linear editing elements obsolete obsolete deprecated (replaced by gnl in gst-editing-services)
gst-omx OpenMax plugins obsolete obsolete obsolete (no longer used or useful, use Video4Linux2-based decoders and encoders instead)

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