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Developer Information

Much documentation and some introductory slides are to be found on the Documentation page. We suggest to read the manual and the slides to get a general overview and to get you started.

New developers are welcome to:

  • Contribute to the core library.
  • Write plugins for GStreamer.
  • Write applications using GStreamer.
  • Write a lot of language bindings.
  • Contribute to the documentation.
  • Build test cases.

The developers tend to live on Matrix in and the other chat rooms of the #community:gstreamer.orgGStreamer space.

Git access


The repository is split in several modules.

Anonymous Git Access

This project is hosted on the GitLab. The Git repositories can be checked out through anonymous Git with the following instructions. The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename. To determine the names of the modules created by this project, you may examine their Git repository via the GitLab interface.

git clone

Contributing to GStreamer

You do not need a developer account in order to work on GStreamer. Anonymous git access should be sufficient for that, and it's easy to maintain personal git branches by forking the repository in your GitLab user space. Patches can then be submitted as Merge Requests against the appropriate module.

Developers will be added to the project for write access as necessary. For all other changes, please submit patches via Merge Requests as mentioned above.

Continuous integration: Build bots and validation

Git branches and merge requests are verified by our GitLab CI setup.

By default the full build and test suite will only be run once a merge request is assigned to be merged, but it's also possible to trigger it manually by pressing the 'Play' button on the pipeline or manifest job for a branch or merge request.

Language Bindings

The GStreamer API can be accessed from various programming languages in addition to the native C API.

Report a problem on this page.