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Release notes for GStreamer 1.7.1

The GStreamer team is pleased to announce the first release of the unstable 1.7 release series. The 1.7 release series is adding new features on top of the 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 series and is part of the API and ABI-stable 1.x release series of the GStreamer multimedia framework. The unstable 1.7 release series will lead to the stable 1.8 release series in the next weeks. Any newly added API can still change until that point.

Binaries for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows will be provided separately during the unstable 1.7 release series.

This module, gstreamer, only contains core functionality. For actual media playback, you will need other modules.

contains a basic set of well-supported plugins
contains a set of well-supported plugins under our preferred license
contains a set of well-supported plugins, but might pose problems for distributors
contains a set of less supported plugins that haven't passed the rigorous quality testing we expect, or are still missing documentation and/or unit tests
contains a set of codecs plugins based on libav (formerly gst-ffmpeg)

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 600648 : multiqueue: queues up too much data, excessive memory use with subtitle streams
  • 755822 : test_ABI: failed ABI check
  • 702921 : [pygi] python applications cannot interpret buffer metadata
  • 733187 : integrating the tracer branch
  • 744040 : bin: Deadlock when sending event
  • 753851 : gstreamer: Fix memory leaks when context parse fails.
  • 754112 : pad: don't fallback to caps queries with proxy pads
  • 754166 : debug: Dump pad properties values
  • 754356 : event: Make sure that timestamp + diff in QoS events is never smaller than 0
  • 754418 : segment: Added gst_segment_position_from_stream_time()
  • 754457 : segment: Rewording of struct field descriptions
  • 754464 : Add support for g_autoptr() and friends
  • 754496 : tracer: stats: log message structures
  • 754678 : controller: the cubic interpolation we have implemented can overshoot min/max of the control-point values
  • 755498 : timedvaluecontrolsource: Use g_sequence_lookup where possible
  • 755651 : gst-uninstalled: Added env var for uninstalled PTP helper
  • 755657 : Fix -Werror build for clang
  • 755832 : interpolationcontrolsource: memory corruption due to wrong assignment
  • 756208 : pad: memory leak when pushing events to an EOS pad
  • 756507 : multiqueue: Use buffer DTS if present, else PTS
  • 756564 : segment: Don't return -1 for out-of-segment values in running/stream-time conversion functions
  • 756760 : Tracer framework reuses existing GST_TRACE environment variable
  • 756864 : stats: memory leak when fgets() fails
  • 756870 : Don't disable assertions for releases and provide a new GST_ENABLE_EXTRA_CHECKS #define
  • 756954 : basesink: rename 'pad' arg in LOCK/COND macros
  • 757045 : tracer: Emit 'element-new' hook when using parse_launch
  • 757193 : multiqueue: Handle negative DTS
  • 757197 : pad: Append hooks instead of prepending to call them in the order they were added
  • 757353 : multiqueue: Fix high_time computation
  • 757596 : filesink: left in half cleaned in case of fclose failure
  • 757821 : New GstPadEventFunction which returns a GstFlowReturn
  • 758012 : systemclock: Use mach_time on Apple platforms
  • 758078 : plugin: Dependency hash does not work with 32 or more files
  • 758080 : plugin: Allow using device nodes as plugin dependency
  • 758083 : plugin: Add prefix support to dependencies
  • 758207 : debugutils: Fix string memory leak
  • 758340 : tests: funnel test is racy
  • 758541 : gstinfo: Fix ISO non-standard predefined identifier warning for __FUNCTION__ when compiled with gcc 5 -Wpedantic
  • 758870 : clock: GST_STIME_ARGS does not handle GST_CLOCK_STIME_NONE
  • 759055 : baseparse: post tag list updates on percentage delta instead of fixed delta
  • 759089 : Add a fallback that copies the commit hook in
  • 759125 : GstBin: async-handling latency handling is decoupled from parent pipeline
  • 759300 : element: unref message in _post_message when there is no implementation
  • 759430 : queue: Illegal memory access of sink event
  • 759503 : Stopping a stream very soon after starting asserts
  • 759713 : -Bsymbolic configure check doesn't work on FreeBSD.
  • 751182 : identity: allow dropping buffers with specified flags


You can find source releases of gstreamer in the gstreamer download directory.

The git repository and details how to clone it can be found at .


The project's website is

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests.

Please submit patches via bugzilla as well.

For help and support, please subscribe to and send questions to the gstreamer-devel mailing list (see below for details).

Find us on IRC at #gstreamer.


Git is hosted on You can browse the gstreamer repository.

All code is in Git and can be checked out from there.

Interested developers of the core library, plugins, and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list.

Contributors to this release

  • Aleix Conchillo Flaqué
  • Anton Bondarenko
  • Athanasios Oikonomou
  • Aurélien Zanelli
  • Duncan Palmer
  • Edward Hervey
  • Florin Apostol
  • Guillaume Desmottes
  • Heinrich Fink
  • Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)
  • Jan Schmidt
  • Koop Mast
  • Luis de Bethencourt
  • Lukasz Forynski
  • Marcin Kolny
  • Mathieu Duponchelle
  • Matthew Waters
  • Miguel París Díaz
  • Nicolas Dufresne
  • Nirbheek Chauhan
  • Philippe Normand
  • Ravi Kiran K N
  • Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet
  • Ross Burton
  • Sebastian Dröge
  • Stefan Sauer
  • Stian Selnes
  • Thiago Santos
  • Thibault Saunier
  • Tim-Philipp Müller
  • Ting-Wei Lan
  • Vincent Penquerc'h
  • Vineeth TM
  • Vivia Nikolaidou
  • Wim Taymans
  • Xavier Claessens

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