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Release notes for GStreamer Plug-ins 0.8.0 "Pharmaceutical Itch"

The GStreamer team is happy to announce the first release in the 0.8.x stable series of the GStreamer Plug-ins.

The 0.8.x series is a stable series aimed at end users. It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.6.x series. It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.6.x series.

This module contains plugins providing media encoding and decoding, conversion, effects, and other elements that provide actual media handling functionality to the core. You need the GStreamer core module to make them work. The versions do not need to match exactly, as long as all of them are in the 0.8.x series.

The FFmpeg-based decoder element has been moved to its own module. If you want support for a lot of popular video formats, you need to install this module along with the GStreamer Core and Plug-ins. An FFmpeg-based colorspace element has been added to the Plug-ins however.

Features of this release

  • Parallel installability with 0.6.x series
  • Internationalization
  • Dutch, French and Serbian translations
  • Updated to the new core 0.8 subsystems
  • Reworked play and media-info libraries
  • Audio sinks synchronize on timestamps
  • New demuxer: ogg
  • New decoder: theora
  • New elements: rfb, switch, trm, ffmpegcolorspace
  • New sinks: ximagesink, xvimagesink
  • Fixes to all other elements, including audioconvert, interleave, alsa, videotestsrc
  • Portability fixes
  • ChangeLog use
  • Coding style consistency

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 126999 : [API]: "gstreamer-libs-0.7.pc" should be renamed
  • 129299 : complied errors in alsa-lib-1.0.0-0.rc2
  • 131270 : pkg-config-ification patch (alsa, esd, shout2, ogg, speex, .
  • 135921 : speexenc support won't compile with 1.1.x
  • 136590 : mod plugins doesn't work atm
  • 137044 : GConf schemas unreadable


You can find source releases of gst-plugins in the gst-plugins download directory.

The git repository and details how to clone it can be found at .


The project's website is

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests.

Please submit patches via bugzilla as well.

For help and support, please subscribe to and send questions to the gstreamer-devel mailing list (see below for details).

Find us on IRC at #gstreamer.


Git is hosted on You can browse the gst-plugins repository.

All code is in Git and can be checked out from there.

Interested developers of the core library, plugins, and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list.


The GConf settings have moved to a versioned location and can now be found under /system/gstreamer/0.8. Applications should use the gconf library, as provided by gstreamer-gconf-0.8.pc, to access the default settings.

Contributors to this release

  • Amaury Jacquot
  • Andy Wingo
  • Arwed v. Merkatz
  • Benjamin Otte
  • Brian Cameron
  • Christian Schaller
  • Christophe Fergeau
  • Colin Walters
  • Danilo Segan
  • David I. Lehn
  • David Schleef
  • Iain Holmes
  • Jan Schmidt
  • Jérémy Simon
  • Johan Dahlin
  • Jon Trowbridge
  • Julien Moutte
  • Julio M. Merino Vidal
  • Leif Morgan Johnson
  • Ramon Garcia
  • Ronald Bultje
  • Steve Baker
  • Thomas Canty
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Stefan Kost

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