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Release notes for GStreamer OpenGL Plug-ins 0.10.1 "Le Fromage De La Belle France"

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release in the 0.10.x stable series of the GStreamer OpenGL Plug-ins.

The 0.10.x series is a stable series targeted at end users. It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.8.x series. It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.8.x series.

Please note that at this time, the GStreamer GL plugins module is not considered API/ABI stable, and public interfaces may change from release to release.

This module contains integration libraries and plug-ins for using OpenGL within GStreamer pipelines. This module contains elements for, among others:

  • output: glimagesink
  • adapters: glupload, gldownload
  • video processing: gldeinterlace, glcolorscale
  • GL effects: glfiltersobel, glfilterblur, gleffects, others
  • sources: gltestsrc
Other modules containing plug-ins are:
contains a basic set of well-supported plug-ins
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins under our preferred license
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins, but might pose problems for distributors
contains a set of less supported plug-ins that haven't passed the rigorous quality testing we expect

Features of this release

  • Initial release of gst-plugins-gl
  • Integration with standard GStreamer video buffers
  • Various OpenGL effects and filters
  • Direct GL output via glimagesink

No bugs were fixed in this release


You can find source releases of gst-plugins-gl in the gst-plugins-gl download directory.

The git repository and details how to clone it can be found at .


The project's website is

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests.

Please submit patches via bugzilla as well.

For help and support, please subscribe to and send questions to the gstreamer-devel mailing list (see below for details).

Find us on IRC at #gstreamer.


Git is hosted on You can browse the gst-plugins-gl repository.

All code is in Git and can be checked out from there.

Interested developers of the core library, plugins, and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list.


Contributors to this release

  • David Schleef
  • Edward Hervey
  • Felipe Contreras
  • Filippo Argiolas
  • Jan Schmidt
  • Julien Isorce
  • Marc-Andre Lureau
  • Sebastian Dröge
  • Stefan Kost

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