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Application ideas

  • Audio mixing environment:

    Complex audio environments require a high degree of repluggability. This is usually done with racks of equipment and lots of cables, with a patch panel if you're lucky. Instead, GStreamer gives you unlimited access to "hardware", within the constraints of your CPU.

    With access to LADSPA plugins and multi-channel sound hardware via the ALSA source and sink, complex processing is as easy as drawing your idea mixing system in the editor.

    Of course, just having the processing half isn't enough, which is why significant time and effort will need to be expended in the user interface and automation systems.

  • DVD player:

    A DVD player is a relatively easy thing to construct given the right components, some of which already exist. A simple DVD player would look something like this (as much as ASCII graphs look like anything):

                          -------(audio)-------|ac3dec--audiosink |
    |=thread============|/                     |==================|
    | dvdsrc--mpeg2parse|         |=thread============================|
    |===================|-(video)-|mpeg2dec--  |=bin================| |
                        \         |========| \-|subtitle--videosink | |
                         \---(subtitle)----|---|====================| |

    gst-player should be capable of constructing the above graph without any outside assistance. Further work is necessary for the system to be capable of navigation, menus, and angles. Most such components would live outside the pipeline in the DVD player application, but one might conceive of a case where those pieces of code are capable of being autoplugged, reducing the act of watching a DVD to the following command:

    gst-player /dev/dvd
  • Your application here!

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