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The list below is just some suggestions made by various members of the GStreamer community. We are more than happy for students to make proposals based on their own wishes and ideas instead of using any of these suggestions. The important part for us is that you are motivated and that you put good work into writing a good and detailed proposal and that you try to interact with us from the start. Try to early find a possible mentor and shape your proposal (e.g. using Google docs).

List of Summer of Code project ideas for students

  • Plugins
  • Framework
    • GstPlayer: Write a set of minimalistic official GStreamer players based on GstPlayer and add missing features to the GstPlayer API.
    • Orc Acceleration: Add ARM64/AArch64 support to ORC and implement all relevant opcodes to allow usage of most GStreamer ORC programs.
    • Static compilation for Orc: Improve ORC's support for generating static assembly at build time
  • Bindings
  • Applications
    • Students can propose work on applications that use GStreamer if this work will involve enhancing the GStreamer framework as well. For example writing a new feature in Pitivi that requires new API in the gst-editing-services or extending Buzztrax by writing music related GStreamer plugins.

Other Organizations

Other organizations that have project ideas related to GStreamer:

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