Welcome to the GStreamer Tutorials!

The following sections introduce a series of tutorials designed to help you learn how to use GStreamer, the multi-platform, modular, open-source, media streaming framework.


Before following these tutorials, you need to set up your development environment according to your platform. If you have not done so yet, go to the installing GStreamer page and come back here afterwards.

The tutorials are currently written only in the C programming language, so you need to be comfortable with it. Even though C is not an Object-Oriented (OO) language per se, the GStreamer framework uses GObjects, so some knowledge of OO concepts will come in handy. Knowledge of the GObject and GLib libraries is not mandatory, but will make the trip easier.

Source code

Every tutorial represents a self-contained project, with full source code in C (and eventually in other languages too). Source code snippets are introduced alongside the text, and the full code (with any other required files like makefiles or project files) is distributed with GStreamer, as explained in the installation instructions.

Source code for tutorials in Rust are available here

A short note on GObject and GLib

GStreamer is built on top of the GObject (for object orientation) and GLib (for common algorithms) libraries, which means that every now and then you will have to call functions of these libraries. Even though the tutorials will make sure that deep knowledge of these libraries is not required, familiarity with them will certainly ease the process of learning GStreamer.

You can always tell which library you are calling because all GStreamer functions, structures and types have the gst_ prefix, whereas GLib and GObject use g_.

Sources of documentation

You have the GObject and GLib reference guides, and, of course the upstream GStreamer documentation.


The tutorials are organized in sections, revolving about a common theme:

  • Basic tutorials: Describe general topics required to understand the rest of tutorials in GStreamer.
  • Playback tutorials: Explain everything you need to know to produce a media playback application using GStreamer.
  • Android tutorials: Tutorials dealing with the few Android-specific topics you need to know.
  • iOS tutorials: Tutorials dealing with the few iOS-specific topics you need to know.

If you cannot remember in which tutorial a certain GStreamer concept is explained, use the following:

Sample media

The audio and video clips used throughout these tutorials are all publicly available and the copyright remains with their respective authors. In some cases they have been re-encoded for demonstration purposes.


Basic tutorials – General topics required to understand the rest of the tutorials

Playback tutorials

Android tutorials

iOS tutorials

Table of Concepts

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