(from GStreamer Base Plug-ins)
Name Classification Description
libvisual_bumpscope Visualization Bumpscope visual plugin
libvisual_corona Visualization Libvisual corona plugin
libvisual_infinite Visualization Infinite visual plugin
libvisual_jakdaw Visualization jakdaw visual plugin
libvisual_jess Visualization Jess visual plugin
libvisual_lv_analyzer Visualization Libvisual analyzer plugin
libvisual_lv_scope Visualization Libvisual scope plugin
libvisual_oinksie Visualization Libvisual Oinksie visual plugin



libvisual_bumpscope – Bumpscope visual plugin

libvisual_corona – Libvisual corona plugin

libvisual_infinite – Infinite visual plugin

libvisual_jakdaw – jakdaw visual plugin

libvisual_jess – Jess visual plugin

libvisual_lv_analyzer – Libvisual analyzer plugin

libvisual_lv_scope – Libvisual scope plugin

libvisual_oinksie – Libvisual Oinksie visual plugin

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