for GStreamer Editing Services 1.0 (1.16.0)

GStreamer Editing Services Overview
Overview and architecture
GES Enumerations — Various enums for the Gstreamer Editing Services
GESErrors — GError — Categorized error messages
Base Classes
GESTimeline — Multimedia timeline
GESLayer — Non-overlapping sequence of GESClip
GESTimelineElement — Base Class for all elements that will be in a way or another inside a GESTimeline.
GESContainer — Base Class for objects responsible for controlling other GESTimelineElement-s
GESClip — Base Class for objects in a GESLayer
GESSourceClip — Base Class for sources of a GESLayer
GESOperationClip — Base Class for operations in a GESLayer
GESOverlayClip — Base Class for overlays in a GESLayer
GESBaseEffectClip — An effect in a GESLayer
GESTrack — Composition of objects
GESTrackElement — Base Class for objects contained in a GESTrack
GESSource — Base Class for single-media sources
GESVideoSource — Base Class for video sources
GESAudioSource — Base Class for audio sources
GESBaseEffect — adds an effect to a stream in a GESSourceClip or a GESLayer
GESOperation — Base Class for effects and overlays
GESBaseTransitionClip — Base classes for transitions
GESAsset — Represents usable resources inside the GStreamer Editing Services
Timeline objects
GESUriClip — An object for manipulating media files in a GESTimeline
GESTitleClip — Render stand-alone titles in GESLayer.
GESTestClip — Render video and audio test patterns in a GESLayer
GESTextOverlayClip — Render text onto another stream in a GESLayer
GESTransitionClip — Transition from one clip to another in a GESLayer
GESEffectClip — An effect created by parse-launch style bin descriptions in a GESLayer
GESGroup — Class that permits to group GESClip-s in a timeline, letting the user manage it a single GESTimelineElement
Track objects
GESAudioUriSource — outputs a single audio stream from a given file
GESVideoUriSource — outputs a single video stream from a given file
GESTitleSource — render stand-alone text titles
GESAudioTestSource — produce a simple test waveform or silence
GESVideoTestSource — produce solid colors and patterns
GESTextOverlay — render text onto another video stream in a GESLayer
GESTransition — base class for audio and video transitions
GESVideoTransition — implements video crossfade transition
GESAudioTransition — implements audio crossfade transition
GESImageSource — outputs the video stream from a media file as a still image.
GESMultiFileSource — outputs the video stream from a sequence of images.
GESEffect — adds an effect build from a parse-launch style bin description to a stream in a GESSourceClip or a GESLayer
Convenience classes
GESPipeline — Convenience GstPipeline for editing.
Serialization Classes
GESFormatter — Timeline saving and loading.
GESPitiviFormatter — A formatter for the obsolete Pitivi xptv project file format
GESMetaContainer — An interface for storing meta
GESExtractable Interface — An interface for objects which can be extracted from a GESAsset
GESClipAsset — A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESClip extraction
GESTrackElementAsset — A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESTrackElement extraction
GESUriClipAsset — A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESUriClip extraction
GESUriClipAsset — A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESUriSource extraction
GESProject — A GESAsset that is used to manage projects
GESVideoTrack — A standard GESTrack for raw video
GESAudioTrack — A standard GESTrack for raw audio
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Annotation Glossary