GESVideoSource — Base Class for video sources

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GESTimelineElement
            ╰── GESTrackElement
                ╰── GESSource
                    ╰── GESVideoSource
                        ├── GESVideoUriSource
                        ├── GESImageSource
                        ├── GESMultiFileSource
                        ├── GESTitleSource
                        ╰── GESVideoTestSource

Implemented Interfaces

GESVideoSource implements GESExtractable and GESMetaContainer.


#include <ges/ges.h>


Children Properties:

You can use the following children properties through the ges_track_element_set_child_property and alike set of methods:

double alpha The desired alpha for the stream.
gint posx The desired x position for the stream.
gint posy The desired y position for the stream
gint width The desired width for that source. Set to 0 if size is not mandatory, will be set to width of the current track.
gint height The desired height for that source. Set to 0 if size is not mandatory, will be set to height of the current track.
GstDeinterlaceModes deinterlace-mode Deinterlace Mode
GstDeinterlaceFields deinterlace-fields Fields to use for deinterlacing
GstDeinterlaceFieldLayout deinterlace-tff Deinterlace top field first
GstVideoOrientationMethod video-direction The desired video rotation and flipping.


Types and Values


typedef struct _GESVideoSource GESVideoSource;

Base class for video sources