Vulkan Library

This library should be linked to by getting cflags and libs from gstreamer-vulkan-1.0

NOTE: This library API is considered unstable





GstVulkanBufferMemory – memory subclass for Vulkan buffer memory

GstVulkanBufferPool – buffer pool for #GstVulkanBufferMemory objects

GstVulkanCommandBuffer – Vulkan command buffer

GstVulkanCommandPool – Vulkan command pool

GstVulkanDebug – Vulkan debugging utilities

GstVulkanDecoder – Abstract Vulkan Video Decoder

GstVulkanDescriptorCache – Vulkan descriptor cache

GstVulkanDescriptorPool – Vulkan descriptor pool

GstVulkanDescriptorSet – Vulkan descriptor set

GstVulkanDevice – Vulkan device

GstVulkanDisplay – window system display

GstVulkanEncoder – Generic Vulkan Video Encoder

GstVulkanError – Vulkan errors

GstVulkanFence – Vulkan fences

GstVulkanFormat – Vulkan formats

GstVulkanFullScreenQuad – Vulkan full screen quad

GstVulkanHandle – Vulkan handles

GstVulkanHandlePool – Vulkan handle pool

GstVulkanImageBufferPool – buffer pool for #GstVulkanImageMemory objects

GstVulkanImageMemory – memory subclass for Vulkan image memory

GstVulkanImageView – wrapper for `VkImageView`'s

GstVulkanInstance – GStreamer Vulkan instance

GstVulkanMemory – memory subclass for Vulkan device memory

GstVulkanOperation – Vulkan Operation

GstVulkanPhysicalDevice – Vulkan physical device

GstVulkanQueue – Vulkan command queue

GstVulkanSwapper – Vulkan helper object for rendering to a surface

GstVulkanTrash – Vulkan helper object for freeing resources after a #GstVulkanFence is signalled

GstVulkanVideoFilter – Vulkan filter base class

GstVulkanWindow – window/surface abstraction

Vulkan Utils – Vulkan utilities

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