The intervideosink element is a video sink element. It is used in connection with an intervideosrc element in a different pipeline, similar to interaudiosink and interaudiosrc.

Example launch line

 gst-launch-1.0 -v videotestsrc ! intervideosink

The intervideosink element cannot be used effectively with gst-launch-1.0, as it requires a second pipeline in the application to send video to. See the gstintertest.c example in the gst-plugins-bad source code for more details.



Factory details

Authors: – David Schleef


Rank – none

Plugin – inter

Package – GStreamer Bad Plug-ins

Pad Templates


         format: { AYUV64, ARGB64, GBRA_12LE, GBRA_12BE, Y412_LE, Y412_BE, A444_10LE, GBRA_10LE, A444_10BE, GBRA_10BE, A422_10LE, A422_10BE, A420_10LE, A420_10BE, RGB10A2_LE, BGR10A2_LE, Y410, GBRA, ABGR, VUYA, BGRA, AYUV, ARGB, RGBA, A420, Y444_16LE, Y444_16BE, v216, P016_LE, P016_BE, Y444_12LE, GBR_12LE, Y444_12BE, GBR_12BE, I422_12LE, I422_12BE, Y212_LE, Y212_BE, I420_12LE, I420_12BE, P012_LE, P012_BE, Y444_10LE, GBR_10LE, Y444_10BE, GBR_10BE, r210, I422_10LE, I422_10BE, NV16_10LE32, Y210, v210, UYVP, I420_10LE, I420_10BE, P010_10LE, NV12_10LE32, NV12_10LE40, P010_10BE, Y444, GBR, NV24, xBGR, BGRx, xRGB, RGBx, BGR, IYU2, v308, RGB, Y42B, NV61, NV16, VYUY, UYVY, YVYU, YUY2, I420, YV12, NV21, NV12, NV12_64Z32, NV12_4L4, NV12_32L32, Y41B, IYU1, YVU9, YUV9, RGB16, BGR16, RGB15, BGR15, RGB8P, GRAY16_LE, GRAY16_BE, GRAY10_LE32, GRAY8 }
          width: [ 1, 2147483647 ]
         height: [ 1, 2147483647 ]
      framerate: [ 0/1, 2147483647/1 ]



Object typeGstPad



“channel” gchararray

Channel name to match inter src and sink elements

Flags : Read / Write

Default value : default

The results of the search are