Core Library

libgstreamer-1.0 .so provides all the core GStreamer services, including initialization, plugin management and types, as well as the object hierarchy that defines elements and bins, along with some more specialized elements.


Running GStreamer Applications – How to run and debug your GStreamer application

GStreamer – Media library supporting arbitrary formats and filter graphs.

Debugging utilities – A set of utilities for debugging and development

GstAllocator – allocate memory blocks

GstAtomicQueue – An atomic queue implementation

GstBin – Base class and element that can contain other elements

GstBuffer – Data-passing buffer type

GstBufferList – Lists of buffers for data-passing

GstBufferPool – Pool for buffers

GstBus – Asynchronous message bus subsystem


GstCaps – Structure describing sets of media formats

GstCapsFeatures – A set of features in caps

GstChildProxy – Interface for multi child elements.

GstClock – Abstract class for global clocks

GstCompat – Deprecated API entries

GstContext – Lightweight objects to represent element contexts

GstControlBinding – attachment for control source sources

GstControlSource – base class for control source sources

GstDateTime – A date, time and timezone structure

GstDevice – Object representing a device

GstDeviceMonitor – A device monitor and prober

GstDeviceProvider – A device provider

GstDeviceProviderFactory – Create GstDeviceProviders from a factory

GstDynamicTypeFactory – Represents a registered dynamically loadable GType

GstElement – Abstract base class for all pipeline elements

GstElementFactory – Create GstElements from a factory

GstEvent – Structure describing events that are passed up and down a pipeline

GstFormat – Dynamically register new data formats

GstGError – Categorized error messages

GstGhostPad – Pseudo link pads

GstInfo – Debugging and logging facilities

GstIterator – Object to retrieve multiple elements in a threadsafe way.

GstMemory – refcounted wrapper for memory blocks

GstMessage – Lightweight objects to signal the application of pipeline events

GstMeta – Buffer metadata

GstMiniObject – Lightweight base class for the GStreamer object hierarchy

GstObject – Base class for the GStreamer object hierarchy

GstPad – Object contained by elements that allows links to other elements

GstPadTemplate – Describe the media type of a pad.

GstParamSpec – GParamSpec implementations specific to GStreamer

GstParse – Get a pipeline from a text pipeline description

GstPipeline – Top-level bin with clocking and bus management functionality.

GstPlugin – Container for features loaded from a shared object module

GstPluginfeature – Base class for contents of a GstPlugin

GstPoll – Keep track of file descriptors and make it possible to wait on them in a cancellable way

GstPreset – helper interface for element presets

GstPromise – a miniobject for future/promise-like functionality

GstProtection – Functions and classes to support encrypted streams.


GstQuery – Provide functions to create queries, and to set and parse values in them.

GstRegistry – Abstract base class for management of #GstPlugin objects

GstSample – A media sample

GstSegment – Structure describing the configured region of interest in a media file.

GstStreamCollection – Base class for collection of streams

GstStreams – Base class for stream objects

GstStructure – Generic structure containing fields of names and values

GstSystemClock – Default clock that uses the current system time

GstTagList – List of tags and values used to describe media metadata

GstTagsetter – Element interface that allows setting and retrieval of media metadata

GstTask – Abstraction of GStreamer streaming threads.

GstTaskPool – Pool of GStreamer streaming threads

GstToc – Generic table of contents support

GstTocSetter – Element interface that allows setting and retrieval of the TOC

GstTracer – Tracing base class

GstTracerFactory – Information about registered tracer functions

GstTracerRecord – Trace log entry class


GstTypefind – Stream type detection

GstTypeFindFactory – Information about registered typefind functions

GstUri – URI parsing and manipulation.

GstUriHandler – Interface to ease URI handling in plugins.

GstUtils – Various utility functions

GstValue – GValue implementations specific to GStreamer

GstVecDeque – Array based double-ended queue object

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