Low level APIs

Those APIs should usually not be used unless you know what you are doing, check other parts of the documentation before deciding you should use one of those.


ges base xml formatter

ges command line formatter

GESAudioTransition – implements audio crossfade transition

GESBaseEffectClip – An effect in a #GESLayer

GESBaseEffect – adds an effect to a stream in a GESSourceClip or a GESLayer

GESBaseTransitionClip – Base classes for transitions

GESOperationClip – Base Class for operations in a GESLayer

GESOperation – Base Class for effects and overlays

GESOverlayClip – Base Class for overlays in a GESLayer

GESSourceClip – Base Class for sources of a #GESLayer

GESSource – Base Class for single-media sources

GESTextOverlayClip – Render text onto another stream in a GESLayer

GESTransition – base class for audio and video transitions

GESVideoTransition – implements video crossfade transition

ges prelude

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