gst-validate-media-check is command line tool checking that media files discovering works properly with gst-discoverer over multiple runs. It needs a reference text file containing valid information about a media file (which can be generated with the same tool) and then it will be able to check that the reference matches what will be reported by gst-discoverer in the following runs.

For example, given that we have a valid reference.media_info file, we can run:

gst-validate-media-check-GST_API_VERSION file:///./file.ogv --expected-results reference.media_info

It will then output any error encountered and return an exit code different from 0 if any error is found.


gst-validate-media-check takes an URI to analyze and some extra options to control the output.


  • -o, --output-file: The output file to store the results.
  • -f, --full: Fully analize the file frame by frame.
  • -e, --expected-results: Path to file containing the expected results (or the last results found) for comparison with new results.

The results of the search are