Cuda library

This library should be linked to by getting cflags and libs from gstreamer-cuda-1.0 .pc

NOTE: This library API is considered unstable

Environment variables

The GStreamer CUDA library inspects following environment variables


This environment variable can be set to a comma-separated list of CUresult values (see CUDA driver API documentation). GStreamer CUDA library will abort when the user registered error is detected. This environment can be useful when unrecoverable CUDA error happens. Thus in-process error recovery (e.g., relaunching new pipeline) is not expected to work, and therefore the process should be relaunched.


As a result of the above example, if CUDA_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY(2) or CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS(700) error is detected in GStreamer CUDA library, the process will be aborted.

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