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As well as being a cool piece of software, GStreamer is a lively project, with developers from around the globe very actively contributing. We often hang out on the #gstreamer IRC channel on irc.oftc.net: the following are a selection of amusing[1] quotes from our conversations.

  • 6 Mar 2006 When I opened my eyes I was in a court room. There were masters McIlroy and Thompson sitting in the jury and master Kernighan too. There were the GStreamer developers standing in the defendant's place, accused of violating several laws of Unix philosophy and customer lock-down via running on a proprietary pipeline, different from that of the Unix systems. I heard Eric Raymond whispering "got to add this case to my book.

    behdad's blog

  • 22 May 2007 <__tim> Uraeus: amusing, isn't it?

    <Uraeus> __tim: I wrote that :)

    <__tim> Uraeus: of course you did; your refusal to surrender to the oppressive regime of the third-person-singular-rule is so unique in its persistence that it's hard to miss :)

  • 12 Sep 2005 <wingo> we just need to get rid of that mmap stuff

    <wingo> i think gnomevfssrc is faster for files even

    <BBB> wingo, no

    <BBB> and no

    <wingo> good points ronald

  • 23 Jun 2005 * wingo back

    * thomasvs back

    --- You are now known as everybody

    * everybody back back

    <everybody> now break it down

    --- You are now known as thomasvs

    * bilboed back

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    * john-sebastian bach

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  • 20 Apr 2005 thomas: jrb, somehow his screenshotsrc grabs whatever X is showing and makes it available as a stream of frames

    jrb: thomas: so, is the point that the screenshooter takes a video? but won't the dialog be in the video? oh, nevermind. I'll just send mail...

    thomas: jrb, well, it would shoot first and ask questions later

  • 2 Nov 2004 zaheerm: wtay: unfair u fixed the bug i was using as a feature!

  • 14 Oct 2004 * zaheerm wonders how he can break gstreamer today :)

    ensonic: zaheerm, spider is always a good starting point

  • 14 Jun 2004 teuf: ok, things work much better when I don't write incredibly stupid and buggy code

    thaytan: I find that too

  • 23 Nov 2003 Uraeus: ah yes, the sleeping part, my mind is not multitasking so I was still thinking about exercise

    dolphy: Uraeus: your mind is multitasking

    dolphy: Uraeus: you just miss low latency patches

  • 14 Sep 2002 --- wingo-party is now known as wingo

    * wingo holds head

  • 4 Jun 2001 taaz: you witchdoctors and your voodoo mpeg2 black magic...

    omega_: um. I count three, no four different cults there <g>

    ajmitch: hehe

    omega_: witchdoctors, voodoo, black magic,

    omega_: and mpeg

  • 16 Feb 2001 wtay: I shipped a few commerical products to >40000 people now but GStreamer is way more exciting...

  • 16 Feb 2001 * tool-man is a gstreamer groupie

  • 14 Jan 2001 Omega: did you run ldconfig? maybe it talks to init?

    wtay: not sure, don't think so... I did run gstreamer-register though :-)

    Omega: ah, that did it then ;-)

    wtay: right

    Omega: probably not, but in case GStreamer starts turning into an OS, someone please let me know?

  • 9 Jan 2001 wtay: me tar, you rpm?

    wtay: hehe, forgot "zan"

    Omega: ?

    wtay: me tar"zan", you ...

  • 7 Jan 2001 Omega: that means probably building an agreggating, cache-massaging queue to shove N buffers across all at once, forcing cache transfer.

    wtay: never done that before...

    Omega: nope, but it's easy to do in gstreamer <g>

    wtay: sure, I need to rewrite cp with gstreamer too, someday :-)

  • 7 Jan 2001 wtay: GStreamer; always at least one developer is awake...

  • 5/6 Jan 2001 wtay: we need to cut down the time to create an mp3 player down to seconds...

    richardb: :)

    Omega: I'm wanting to something more interesting soon, I did the "draw an mp3 player in 15sec" back in October '99.

    wtay: by the time Omega gets his hands on the editor, you'll see a complete audio mixer in the editor :-)

    richardb: Well, it clearly has the potential...

    Omega: Working on it... ;-)

  • 28 Dec 2000 MPAA: We will sue you now, you have violated our IP rights!

    wtay: hehehe

    MPAA: How dare you laugh at us? We have lawyers! We have Congressmen! We have LARS!

    wtay: I'm so sorry your honor

    MPAA: Hrumph.

    * wtay bows before thy

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