Porting 0.10 applications to 1.0

This section outlines some of the changes necessary to port applications from GStreamer-0.10 to GStreamer-1.0. For a comprehensive and up-to-date list, see the separate Porting to 1.0 document.

It should be possible to port simple applications to GStreamer-1.0 in less than a day.

List of changes

  • All deprecated methods were removed. Recompile against 0.10 with GST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED defined (such as by adding -DGST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to the compiler flags) and fix issues before attempting to port to 1.0.

  • "playbin2" has been renamed to "playbin", with similar API

  • "decodebin2" has been renamed to "decodebin", with similar API. Note that there is no longer a "new-decoded-pad" signal, just use GstElement's "pad-added" signal instead (but don't forget to remove the 'gboolean last' argument from your old signal callback functino signature).

  • the names of some "formatted" pad templates has been changed from e.g. "src%d" to "src%u" or "src_%u" or similar, since we don't want to see negative numbers in pad names. This mostly affects applications that create request pads from elements.

  • some elements that used to have a single dynamic source pad have a source pad now. Example: wavparse, id3demux, iceydemux, apedemux. (This does not affect applications using decodebin or playbin).

  • playbin now proxies the GstVideoOverlay (former GstXOverlay) interface, so most applications can just remove the sync bus handler where they would set the window ID, and instead just set the window ID on playbin from the application thread before starting playback.

    playbin also proxies the GstColorBalance and GstNavigation interfaces, so applications that use this don't need to go fishing for elements that may implement those any more, but can just use on playbin unconditionally.

  • multifdsink, tcpclientsink, tcpclientsrc, tcpserversrc the protocol property is removed, use gdppay and gdpdepay.

  • XML serialization was removed.

  • Probes and pad blocking was merged into new pad probes.

  • Position, duration and convert functions no longer use an inout parameter for the destination format.

  • Video and audio caps were simplified. audio/x-raw-int and audio/x-raw-float are now all under the audio/x-raw media type. Similarly, video/x-raw-rgb and video/x-raw-yuv are now video/x-raw.

  • ffmpegcolorspace was removed and replaced with videoconvert.

  • GstMixerInterface / GstTunerInterface were removed without replacement.

  • The GstXOverlay interface was renamed to GstVideoOverlay, and now part of the video library in gst-plugins-base, as the interfaces library no longer exists.

    The name of the GstXOverlay "prepare-xwindow-id" message has changed to "prepare-window-handle" (and GstXOverlay has been renamed to GstVideoOverlay). Code that checks for the string directly should be changed to use gst_is_video_overlay_prepare_window_handle_message(message) instead.

  • The GstPropertyProbe interface was removed. There is no replacement for it in GStreamer 1.0.x and 1.2.x, but since version 1.4 there is a more featureful replacement for device discovery and feature querying provided by GstDeviceMonitor, GstDevice, and friends. See the "GStreamer Device Discovery and Device Probing" documentation.

  • gst_uri_handler_get_uri() and the get_uri vfunc now return a copy of the URI string

    gst_uri_handler_set_uri() and the set_uri vfunc now take an additional GError argument so the handler can notify the caller why it didn't accept a particular URI.

    gst_uri_handler_set_uri() now checks if the protocol of the URI passed is one of the protocols advertised by the uri handler, so set_uri vfunc implementations no longer need to check that as well.

  • GstTagList is now an opaque mini object instead of being typedefed to a GstStructure. While it was previously okay (and in some cases required because of missing taglist API) to cast a GstTagList to a GstStructure or use gst_structure_* API on taglists, you can no longer do that. Doing so will cause crashes.

    Also, tag lists are refcounted now, and can therefore not be freely modified any longer. Make sure to call gst_tag_list_make_writable (taglist) before adding, removing or changing tags in the taglist.

    GST_TAG_IMAGE, GST_TAG_PREVIEW_IMAGE, GST_TAG_ATTACHMENT: many tags that used to be of type GstBuffer are now of type GstSample (which is basically a struct containing a buffer alongside caps and some other info).

  • GstController has now been merged into GstObject. It does not exists as an individual object anymore. In addition core contains a GstControlSource base class and the GstControlBinding. The actual control sources are in the controller library as before. The 2nd big change is that control sources generate a sequence of gdouble values and those are mapped to the property type and value range by GstControlBindings.

    The whole gst_controller_* API is gone and now available in simplified form under gst_object_*. ControlSources are now attached via GstControlBinding to properties. There are no GValue arguments used anymore when programming control sources.

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