Queries are used to get information about the stream. A query is started on a specific pad and travels up or downstream.


  • multiple return values, grouped together when they make sense.

  • one pad function to perform the query

  • extensible queries.


  • GstQuery extends GstMiniObject and contains a GstStructure (see GstMessage)

  • some standard query types are defined below

  • methods to create and parse the results in the GstQuery.

  • define pad method:

        gboolean                (*GstPadQueryFunction)          (GstPad    *pad,
                                                                 GstObject *parent,
                                                                 GstQuery  *query);

pad returns result in query structure and TRUE as result or FALSE when query is not supported.

Query types

GST_QUERY_POSITION: get info on current position of the stream in stream_time.

GST_QUERY_DURATION: get info on the total duration of the stream.

GST_QUERY_LATENCY: get amount of latency introduced in the pipeline. (See latency)

GST_QUERY_RATE: get the current playback rate of the pipeline

GST_QUERY_SEEKING: get info on how seeking can be done - getrange, with/without offset/size - ranges where seeking is efficient (for caching network sources) - flags describing seeking behaviour (forward, backward, segments, play backwards, ...)

GST_QUERY_SEGMENT: get info about the currently configured playback segment.

GST_QUERY_CONVERT: convert format/value to another format/value pair.

GST_QUERY_FORMATS: return list of supported formats that can be used for GST_QUERY_CONVERT.

GST_QUERY_BUFFERING: query available media for efficient seeking (See buffering)

GST_QUERY_CUSTOM: a custom query, the name of the query defines the properties of the query.

GST_QUERY_URI: query the uri of the source or sink element

GST_QUERY_ALLOCATION: the buffer allocation properties (See bufferpool)

GST_QUERY_SCHEDULING: the scheduling properties (See scheduling)

GST_QUERY_ACCEPT_CAPS: check if caps are supported (See negotiation)

GST_QUERY_CAPS: get the possible caps (See negotiation)

The results of the search are