QtGStreamer  1.2.0
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QGst::Segment Class Reference

#include <QGst/Segment>

Public Member Functions

 Segment (Format fmt)
 Segment (const GstSegment *segment)
 Segment (const Segment &other)
Segmentoperator= (const Segment &other)
bool isValid () const
void init (Format fmt)
SegmentFlags flags () const
double rate () const
double appliedRate () const
Format format () const
quint64 base () const
quint64 offset () const
quint64 start () const
quint64 stop () const
quint64 time () const
quint64 position () const
quint64 duration () const
 operator GstSegment * ()
 operator const GstSegment * () const

Detailed Description

Wrapper for GstSegment.

Definition at line 27 of file segment.h.

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