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QGst::Quick::VideoSurface Class Reference

#include <QGst/Quick/VideoSurface>

Inherits QObject.

Public Member Functions

 VideoSurface (QObject *parent=0)
ElementPtr videoSink () const

Protected Member Functions


Detailed Description

Helper class for painting video on a QtQuick2 VideoItem.

This is a helper class that represents a video surface on a QQuickView. To use it, create a VideoItem from QML and connect it with this surface.


// in your C++ code
QQuickView *view = new QQuickView;
QGst::Quick::VideoSurface *surface = new QGst::Quick::VideoSurface;
view->rootContext()->setContextProperty(QLatin1String("videoSurface"), surface);
// and in your qml file:
import QtGStreamer 1.0
VideoItem {
id: video
width: 320
height: 240
surface: videoSurface
See also

Definition at line 57 of file videosurface.h.

Member Function Documentation

ElementPtr QGst::Quick::VideoSurface::videoSink ( ) const

Returns the video sink element that provides this surface's image. The element will be constructed the first time that this function is called. The surface will always keep a reference to this element.

Definition at line 43 of file videosurface.cpp.

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