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QGst::Allocator Class Reference

#include <QGst/Allocator>

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Public Member Functions

MemoryPtr alloc (size_t size, const AllocationParams &params=AllocationParams())
void free (MemoryPtr &memory)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QGst::Object
QString name () const
bool setName (const char *name)
ObjectPtr parent () const
bool setParent (const ObjectPtr &parent)
void unparent ()
bool isAncestorOf (const ObjectPtr &object) const
QString pathString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QGlib::ObjectBase
ParamSpecPtr findProperty (const char *name) const
QList< ParamSpecPtrlistProperties () const
Value property (const char *name) const
template<class T >
void setProperty (const char *name, const T &value)
void setProperty (const char *name, const Value &value)
void * data (const char *key) const
void * stealData (const char *key) const
void setData (const char *key, void *data, void(*destroyCallback)(void *)=NULL)
void * quarkData (const Quark &quark) const
void * stealQuarkData (const Quark &quark) const
void setQuarkData (const Quark &quark, void *data, void(*destroyCallback)(void *)=NULL)

Static Public Member Functions

static AllocatorPtr find (const char *name)
static AllocatorPtr getDefault ()
static AllocatorPtr getSystemMemory ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from QGst::Object
virtual void ref (bool increaseRef)
virtual void unref ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QGlib::RefCountedObject
template<class T >
T * object () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from QGlib::RefCountedObject
void * m_object

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for GstAllocator.

Definition at line 62 of file allocator.h.

Member Function Documentation

AllocatorPtr QGst::Allocator::find ( const char *  name)

search for an already registered allocator.

Definition at line 97 of file allocator.cpp.

AllocatorPtr QGst::Allocator::getDefault ( )

get the default allocator

Definition at line 103 of file allocator.cpp.

AllocatorPtr QGst::Allocator::getSystemMemory ( )

get the system memory allocator

Definition at line 109 of file allocator.cpp.

MemoryPtr QGst::Allocator::alloc ( size_t  size,
const AllocationParams params = AllocationParams() 

create a chunk of memory using this allocator

Definition at line 114 of file allocator.cpp.

void QGst::Allocator::free ( MemoryPtr memory)

release memory allocated with alloc()

this takes a reference to the memory pointer and makes it null after freeing the memory segment

Definition at line 120 of file allocator.cpp.

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