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QGlib::Error Member List

This is the complete list of members for QGlib::Error, including all inherited members.

code() const QGlib::Error
copy(GError *error) (defined in QGlib::Error)QGlib::Errorstatic
domain() const QGlib::Error
Error(GError *error=NULL)QGlib::Error
Error(Quark domain, int code, const QString &message)QGlib::Error
Error(const Error &other) (defined in QGlib::Error)QGlib::Error
message() const QGlib::Error
operator const GError *() const QGlib::Error
operator GError *()QGlib::Error
operator<<(QDebug dbg, const Error &error)QGlib::Errorrelated
operator=(const Error &other) (defined in QGlib::Error)QGlib::Error
what() const QGlib::Errorvirtual
~Error() (defined in QGlib::Error)QGlib::Errorvirtual