The plugin_init function

Once we have written code defining all the parts of the plugin, we need to write the plugin_init() function. This is a special function, which is called as soon as the plugin is loaded, and should return TRUE or FALSE depending on whether it loaded initialized any dependencies correctly. Also, in this function, any supported element type in the plugin should be registered.

static gboolean
plugin_init (GstPlugin *plugin)
  return gst_element_register (plugin, "my_filter",

  "My filter plugin",


Note that the information returned by the plugin_init() function will be cached in a central registry. For this reason, it is important that the same information is always returned by the function: for example, it must not make element factories available based on runtime conditions. If an element can only work in certain conditions (for example, if the soundcard is not being used by some other process) this must be reflected by the element being unable to enter the READY state if unavailable, rather than the plugin attempting to deny existence of the plugin.