for GstValidate 1.0

Overview and usage
gst-validate — Tool to test GStreamer components
gst-validate-transcoding — Tool to test GStreamer transcoding components
gst-validate-media-check — Tool to test GStreamer media types discovery
gst-validate-launcher — Tool to launch GstValidate testsuites
GstValidate Scenario File Format
GstValidate Environment Variables
API Documentation
Initialization — Initialize GstValidate
GstValidateRunner — Class that runs Gst Validate tests for a pipeline
GstValidateScenario — A GstValidateScenario represents a set of actions to be executed on a pipeline.
GstValidateReporter — A GInterface that allows GObject to be used as originator of issues in the GstValidate reporting system
GstValidate monitoring system — Lets you start monitoring a GstObject with GstValidate
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Annotation Glossary