GstRTSPServer — The main server object
GstRTSPClient — A client connection state
GstRTSPContext — A client request context
GstRTSPMountPoints — Map a path to media
GstRTSPMediaFactory — A factory for media pipelines
GstRTSPMediaFactoryURI — A factory for URI sources
GstRTSPMedia — The media pipeline
GstRTSPStream — A media stream
GstRTSPSessionPool — An object for managing sessions
GstRTSPSession — An object to manage media
GstRTSPSessionMedia — Media managed in a session
GstRTSPStreamTransport — A media stream transport configuration
GstRTSPSdp — Make SDP messages
GstRTSPAddressPool — A pool of network addresses
GstRTSPThreadPool — A pool of threads
GstRTSPAuth — Authentication and authorization
GstRTSPToken — Roles and permissions for a client
GstRTSPPermissions — Roles and associated permissions
GstRTSPParams — Param get and set implementation