for GStreamer OpenGL Plugins 0.10 ( The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

gst-plugins-gl Elements
glbumper — Bump mapping filter
glcolorscale — Colorspace converter and video scaler
gldeinterlace — Deinterlacing based on fragment shaders
gldifferencematte — Saves a background frame and replace it with a pixbuf
gldownload — A from GL to video flow filter
gleffects — GL Shading Language effects
glfilterapp — Use client callbacks to define the scene
glfilterblur — Blur with 9x9 separable convolution
glfiltercube — Map input texture on the 6 cube faces
glfilterglass — Glass Filter
glfilterlaplacian — Laplacian Convolution Demo Filter
glfiltersobel — Sobel edge detection
glimagesink — A videosink based on OpenGL
gloverlay — Overlay GL video texture with a PNG image
gltestsrc — Creates a test video stream
glupload — A from video to GL flow filter
gst-plugins-gl Plugins
opengl — OpenGL plugin