gst-plugins-bad Plugins

accurip — Computes an AccurateRip CRC
adpcmdec — ADPCM decoder
adpcmenc — ADPCM encoder
aiff — Create and parse Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) files
asfmux — ASF Muxer Plugin
assrender — ASS/SSA subtitle renderer
audiobuffersplit — Audio buffer splitter
audiofxbad — Audio filters from gst-plugins-bad
audiolatency — A plugin to measure audio latency
audiomixmatrix — Audio matrix mix
audiovisualizers — Creates video visualizations of audio input
autoconvert — Selects convertor element based on caps
bayer — Elements to convert Bayer images
bluez — Bluez-based bluetooth support
bs2b — Improve headphone listening of stereo audio recordsusing the bs2b library.
bz2 — Compress or decompress streams
camerabin — Take image snapshots and record movies from camera
chromaprint — Calculate Chromaprint fingerprint from audio files
coloreffects — Color Look-up Table filters
colormanagement — Color management correction plugins
curl — libcurl-based elements
dashdemux — DASH demuxer plugin
dc1394 — 1394 IIDC video source
de265 — HEVC/H.265 decoder using libde265
debugutilsbad — Collection of elements that may or may not be useful for debugging
decklink — Blackmagic Decklink plugin
dfbvideosink — DirectFB video output plugin
dtls — DTLS decoder and encoder plugins
dtsdec — Decodes DTS audio streams
dvbsuboverlay — DVB subtitle renderer
dvb — DVB elements
dvdspu — DVD Sub-picture Overlay element
faac — Free AAC Encoder (FAAC)
faad — Free AAC Decoder (FAAD)
faceoverlay — SVG Face Overlay
fbdevsink — Linux framebuffer video sink
fdkaac — Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec plugin
festival — Synthesizes plain text into audio
fieldanalysis — Video field analysis
flite — Flite speech synthesizer plugin
fluidsynthmidi — Fluidsynth MIDI Plugin
freeverb — Reverberation/room effect
frei0r — frei0r plugin library
gaudieffects — Gaudi video effects.
gdp — Payload/depayload GDP packets
geometrictransform — Various geometric image transform elements
gmedec — GME Audio Decoder
gme — GME Audio Decoder
gsm — GSM encoder/decoder
hls — HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
id3tag — ID3 v1 and v2 muxing plugin
interlace — Create an interlaced video stream
inter — plugin for inter-pipeline communication
ipcpipeline — plugin for inter-process pipeline communication
ivfparse — IVF parser
ivtc — Inverse Telecine
jp2kdecimator — JPEG2000 decimator
jpegformat — JPEG interchange format plugin
kate — Kate plugin
kms — Video sink using the Linux kernel mode setting API
ladspa — LADSPA plugin
legacyrawparse — Parses byte streams into raw frames
midi — Parse MIDI files
mms — Microsoft Multi Media Server streaming protocol support
modplug — .MOD audio decoding
mpeg2enc — High-quality MPEG-1/2 video encoder
mpegpsdemux — MPEG-PS demuxer
mpegpsmux — MPEG-PS muxer
mpegtsdemux — MPEG TS demuxer
mpegtsmux — MPEG-TS muxer
mplex — High-quality MPEG/DVD/SVCD/VCD video/audio multiplexer
musepack — Musepack decoder
mxf — MXF plugin library
neonhttpsrc — lib neon http client src
neon — lib neon http client src
netsim — Network Simulator
ofa — Calculate MusicIP fingerprint from audio files
openal — OpenAL plugin library
opencv — GStreamer OpenCV Plugins
openexr — OpenEXR image plugin
openh264 — OpenH264 encoder/decoder plugin
openjpeg — OpenJPEG-based JPEG2000 image decoder/encoder
opusparse — OPUS parse plugin
pcapparse — Element parsing raw pcap streams
pnm — PNM plugin
proxy — plugin for proxied inter-pipeline communication
removesilence — Removes silence from an audio stream
resindvd — Resin DVD playback elements
rfbsrc — Connects to a VNC server and decodes RFB stream
rsvg — RSVG plugin library
rtmp — RTMP source and sink
rtponvif — ONVIF Streaming features
sbc — SBC bluetooth audio support
sdpelem — configure streaming sessions using SDP
segmentclip — Segment clip elements
shm — shared memory sink source
siren — Siren encoder/decoder/payloader/depayloader plugins
smoothstreaming — Microsoft's Smooth Streaming format support
smooth — Apply a smooth filter to an image
sndfile — use libsndfile to read and write various audio formats
soundtouch — Audio Pitch Controller & BPM Detection
spandsp — libspandsp plugin
speed — Set speed/pitch on audio/raw streams (resampler)
srtp — GStreamer SRTP
subenc — subtitle encoders
teletext — Teletext plugin
timecode — Timecode-related elements
ttmlsubs — TTML subtitle handling
uvch264 — UVC compliant H264 encoding cameras plugin
vdpau — Various elements utilizing VDPAU
videofiltersbad — Video filters in gst-plugins-bad
videoframe_audiolevel — Video frame-synchronized audio level
videoparsersbad — videoparsers
videosignal — Various video signal analysers
vmnc — VmWare Video Codec plugins
voaacenc — AAC audio encoder
voamrwbenc — Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide-Band Encoder
vulkan — Vulkan plugin
wasapi — Windows audio session API plugin
waylandsink — Wayland Video Sink
webp — WebP plugin
webrtcdsp — Voice pre-processing using WebRTC Audio Processing Library
webrtc — WebRTC plugins
wildmidi — WildMidi-based MIDI playback plugin
x265 — x265-based H265 plugins
y4mdec — Demuxes/decodes YUV4MPEG streams
yadif — YADIF deinterlacing filter
zbar — zbar barcode scanner