Video Library

gstvideo — Support library for video operations
gstvideooverlaycomposition — Video Buffer Overlay Compositions (Subtitles, Logos)
gstvideofilter — Base class for video filters
gstvideosink — Base class for video sinks
gstcolorbalance — Interface for adjusting color balance settings
gstcolorbalancechannel — Object representing a channel from the GstColorBalance interface.
gstvideoorientation — Interface for elements providing video orientation controls
gstvideooverlay — Interface for setting/getting a window system resource on elements supporting it to configure a window into which to render a video.
GstVideoDecoder — Base class for video decoders
GstVideoEncoder — Base class for video encoders

This library should be linked to by getting cflags and libs from gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0.pc and adding -lgstvideo-1.0 to the library flags.