gnomevfssink — Write a stream to a GnomeVFS URI



Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

GstGnomeVFSSink implements GstURIHandler.


  "handle"               GnomeVFSHandle        : Read / Write
  "location"             gchararray            : Read / Write
  "uri"                  GnomeVFSURI           : Read / Write

Signal Prototypes

            gboolean    user_function      (GstGnomeVFSSink *sink,
                                            GnomeVFSURI *uri,
                                            gpointer user_data);


This plugin writes incoming data to a local or remote location specified by an URI. This location can be specified using any protocol supported by the GnomeVFS library. Common protocols are 'file', 'ftp', or 'smb'.

Example pipeline:

gst-launch -v filesrc ! gnomevfssink location=file:///home/joe/

The above pipeline will simply copy a local file. Instead of gnomevfssink, we could just as well have used the filesink element here.

Another example pipeline:

gst-launch -v filesrc location=foo.mp3 ! mad ! flacenc ! gnomevfssink location=smb://othercomputer/foo.flac

The above pipeline will re-encode an mp3 file into FLAC format and store it on a remote host using the Samba protocol.

Applications can connect to the allow-overwrite signal to receive a callback when an existing file will be overwritten. The return value of the signal will determine if gnomevfssink will overwrite the resource or abort with an error.

Last reviewed on 2006-02-28 (0.10.4)

Element Information

plugin gnomevfs
author Bastien Nocera <>
class Sink/File



typedef struct _GstGnomeVFSSink GstGnomeVFSSink;

Opaque data structure.


The "handle" property

  "handle"               GnomeVFSHandle        : Read / Write

Handle for GnomeVFS.

The "location" property

  "location"             gchararray            : Read / Write

Location of the file to write.

Default value: NULL

The "uri" property

  "uri"                  GnomeVFSURI           : Read / Write

URI for GnomeVFS.


The "allow-overwrite" signal

gboolean    user_function                  (GstGnomeVFSSink *sink,
                                            GnomeVFSURI *uri,
                                            gpointer user_data);

This signal is fired when gnomevfssink is about to overwrite an existing resource. The application can connect to this signal and ask the user if the resource may be overwritten.

sink : the object which received the signal
uri : the URI to be overwritten
user_data : user data set when the signal handler was connected.
Returns : A boolean indicating that the resource may be overwritten.

See Also

GstFileSink, GstGnomeVFSSrc