gst-plugins-base Elements

audioconvert - Convert audio to different formats
audiotestsrc - Creates audio test signals of given frequency and volume
clockoverlay - Overlays the current clock time on a video stream
ffmpegcolorspace - Converts video from one colorspace to another
gnomevfssink - Write a stream to a GnomeVFS URI
gnomevfssrc - Read from any GnomeVFS-supported location
multifdsink - Send data to multiple filedescriptors
tcpserversink - Send data as a server over the network via TCP
theoraenc - encode raw YUV video to a theora stream
textoverlay - Adds text strings on top of a video buffer
textrender - Renders a text string to an image bitmap
timeoverlay - Overlays buffer time stamps on a video stream
videotestsrc - Creates a test video stream
volume - Set volume on audio/raw streams
vorbisenc - Encodes audio in Vorbis format
ximagesink - A standard X based videosink
xvimagesink - A Xv based videosink