— Real-time protocol plugins

Plugin Information

filename libgstrtp.so
run-time license LGPL
package GStreamer Good Plug-ins CVS/prerelease
origin Unknown package origin


asteriskh263 Extracts H263 video from RTP and encodes in Asterisk H263 format
rtpamrdepay Extracts AMR audio from RTP packets (RFC 3267)
rtpamrpay Payode AMR audio into RTP packets (RFC 3267)
rtpdepay Accepts raw RTP and RTCP packets and sends them forward
rtpg711depay Extracts PCMU/PCMA audio from RTP packets
rtpg711pay Payload-encodes PCMU/PCMA audio into a RTP packet
rtpgsmdepay Extracts GSM audio from RTP packets
rtpgsmpay Payload-encodes GSM audio into a RTP packet
rtph263pay Payload-encodes H263 video in RTP packets (RFC 2190)
rtph263pdepay Extracts H263+ video from RTP packets (RFC 2429)
rtph263ppay Payload-encodes H263+ video in RTP packets (RFC 2429)
rtpmp4vdepay Extracts MPEG4 video from RTP packets (RFC 3016)
rtpmp4vpay Payode MPEG4 video as RTP packets (RFC 3016)
rtpmpadepay Extracts MPEG audio from RTP packets (RFC 2038)
rtpmpapay Payode MPEG audio as RTP packets (RFC 2038)
rtpspeexdepay Extracts Speex audio from RTP packets
rtpspeexpay Payload-encodes Speex audio into a RTP packet