gst-plugins-good Elements

autoaudiosink - Wrapper audio sink for automatically detected audio sink
autovideosink - Wrapper video sink for automatically detected video sink
cairotimeoverlay - Overlays the time on a video stream
flacdec - Decodes FLAC lossless audio streams
goom - Takes frames of data and outputs video frames using the GOOM filter
id3demux - reads tag information from ID3v1 and ID3v2 (<= 2.4.0) data blocks and outputs them as GStreamer tag messages and events.
level - RMS/Peak/Decaying Peak Level messager for audio/raw
multipartmux - Muxer that takes one or several digital streams and muxes them to a single multipart stream.
multipartdemux - Demuxer that takes a multipart digital stream as input and demuxes one or many digital streams from it.
videomixer - Takes several AYUV video streams as input and mixes them together.