gst-plugins-good Plugins

1394 - Source for DV data via IEEE1394 interface
aasink - ASCII Art video sink
alaw - ALaw audio conversion routines
alpha - adds an alpha channel to video
alphacolor - RGB->YUV colorspace conversion preserving the alpha channels
autodetect - Plugin contains auto-detection plugins for video/audio outputs
avi - AVI stream handling
cacasink - Colored ASCII Art video sink
cairo - Cairo-based overlaying
cutter - Audio Cutter to split audio into non-silent bits
debug - elements for testing and debugging
dv - DV demuxer and decoder based on libdv (
efence - This element converts a stream of normal GStreamer buffers into a stream of buffers that are allocated in such a way that out-of-bounds access to data in the buffer is more likely to cause segmentation faults. This allocation method is very similar to the debugging tool "Electric Fence".
effectv - effect plugins from the effectv project
esdsink - ESD Element Plugins
fdsrc - A source that reads from a file descriptor
flac - The FLAC Lossless compressor Codec
flxdec - FLX video decoder
gconfelements - elements wrapping the GStreamer/GConf audio/video output settings
goom - GOOM visualization filter
jpeg - JPeg plugin library
level - Audio level plugin
matroska - Matroska stream handling
mulaw - MuLaw audio conversion routines
multipart - multipart stream manipulation
navigationtest - Template for a video filter
ossaudio - OSS (Open Sound System) support for GStreamer
png - PNG plugin library
rtp - Real-time protocol plugins
rtsp - transfer data via RTSP
shout2send - Sends data to an icecast server using libshout2
smpte - Apply the standard SMPTE transitions on video images
speex - Speex plugin library
udp - transfer data via UDP
videobox - resizes a video by adding borders or cropping
videoflip - Flips and rotates video
videomixer - Video mixer
wavenc - Encode raw audio into WAV
wavparse - Parse a .wav file into raw audio