• We'd like to do the video part of Gstreamer (which seems not so heavily maintain as the audio part) be production ready. Move as many code to good as possible. Made many Valgrind and other tests both for memory leak and other types of errors to fix.
  • Gstreamer and Gstreamer-Java Mac OS and Windows port. We'd like to use Gstreamer on all of the 3 main OS (Linux, Windows, Mac OS). Only recently (Songbird) made some deep effort into the Mac OS and Windows port. We'd like to help them, test it and do as much Mac OS and Windows porting as possible. At the same time make a MinGW cross-compile build environment to be able to build Windows (and may be Mac OS) Gstreamer binaries on Linux.
  • Gstreamer has nice, well written and working Java binding http://code.google.com/p/gstreamer-java/.
    • It'd be useful to enhance it's functionality, finish and always keep up-to-date it's interface with the actual Gstreamer implementation. At the same time the current binding has swing components for video and other GUI related components. It'd be useful to add SWT components:
      • full featured SWT ?VideoComponent,
      • implement all the current swing component in SWT,
      • enhance the Java bindings to be cross platform,
      • enhance it to be able to create GUI application with SWT and Gstreamer in Java without write any SWT or Gstreamer specific components. The timeline:

April, May: Be familiar with the gstreamer and gstremaer-java framework it's structure, coding convention and style. Read and understand the current code. Look at the current swing implementations.

Jun: Write the SWT component for gstreamer-java and enhance gstreamer-java's functionality with all requested feature.

July: Communicate with the gstreamer-devel list and the Songbird developers to understand the Windows and Mac OS port, it's working and the actual state of the port.

August: Fix all known bug and port all remaining plugins and libs to Windows and Mac OS.