GStreamer release schedule for 2012

Proposed release schedule / roadmap for the year 2012.

Road Map

see ReleasePlanning/RoadMap

Summary Schedule

This is a tentative schedule for releases for the remainder of 2012:

Date Task
... ...
Feb 20 Core 0.10.36, Base 0.10.36, Good 0.10.31, Ugly 0.10.19, Bad 0.10.23 stable releases
... ...
Aug 08 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 0.11.93 release
... ...
~Sep 12 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 0.11.94 release ?
... ...
Sep 17 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 0.11.99 release (1.0 release candidate)
Sep 17 git master frozen for release, important bug fixes only
Sep 24 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.0.0 release off git master
Sep 24 git master still frozen, bug fixes only
... ...
Oct 07 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.0.1 bug-fix release off git master
Oct 07 git master open for commits again, bug fixes only
... ...
Oct 25 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.0.2 bug-fix release off git master
... ...
Oct 25 git 1.0 branch created for further 1.0.x bug-fixing
Oct 25 git master becomes 1.1.x, open for new development and bug-fixing
... ...
~Nov 18 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.0.3 bug-fix release off 1.0 branch
... ...
~Dec 02 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.0.4 bug-fix release off 1.0 branch
... ...
~Jan 04 Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.0.5 bug-fix release off 1.0 branch
... ...
~January Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.1.1 development release off git master
... ...
~January/February Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/gst-libav 1.2.0 stable release off git master

gst-libav, gst-python, gnonlin and gst-editing-services releases may be done ad-hoc or in any of these cycles as well.

New Versioning Scheme

All 1.x.y versions will carry a -1.0 API version suffix.

  • 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3... stable release and follow-up bug-fix releases
  • 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3... pre-releases, development version leading up to 1.2.0
  • 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3... stable release and follow-up bug-fix releases
  • 1.3.0, ..
  • 1.4.0, ..
  • ... 2.0.0 would be the next ABI break, with "-2.0" as API version suffix (the unstable development versions leading up to it would be 1.99.x with a -1.99 API suffix).

More frequent bug-fix releases

1.x.1, 1.x.2, 1.x.3 etc. are stable follow-up bug-fix releases for the stable 1.x.0 release, for even values of x (0, 2, 4, 6..).

Bug-fix releases may be made from git master or from a 1.x bug-fix branch into which fixes are cherry-picked from git master.

Bug-fix releases will usually not feature new API (at best minor additions like a new utility function or property).

There will be no plugin moves, renaming or plugin merges within a stable bug-fix series.

There will be no upping of version requirements of libraries we depend on (e.g. GLib or libraries plugins depend on) within a stable bug-fix series.

Process (not entirely up-to-date)

At the moment there are six GStreamer modules included in the schedule, which are regularly released:

  • GStreamer Core
  • GStreamer Base Plugins
  • GStreamer Good Plugins
  • GStreamer Bad Plugins
  • GStreamer Ugly Plugins
  • GStreamer Libav Plugins (formerly GStreamer FFmpeg) Each module will see a major stable release (a new 1.x.0 for even x) every few months. Each major stable release will see a few follow-up 1.x.y bug-fix releases.

Modules not included in the release schedule:

  • Gnonlin - released ad-hoc as maintainer sees fit
  • GStreamer Editing Services (GES) - released ad-hoc as maintainer sees fit
  • GStreamer Openmax (gst-omx) - released ad-hoc as maintainer sees fit
  • GStreamer OpenGL support - released ad-hoc as maintainer and/or active developers see fit
  • GStreamer RTSP server library - released ad-hoc as maintainer sees fit
  • GStreamer Streaming Server (GSS) - released ad-hoc as maintainer sees fit
  • QT-GStreamer - released ad-hoc as maintainer sees fit

Plugin Moves

From time to time, plugins improve in quality sufficiently to warrant moving them from Bad to Good or Bad to Ugly (or sometimes vice versa in cases of neglect). Such plugin moves require simultaneous releases of the modules involved so that we never ship tarballs with conflicting installed plugins.

Plugin moves will only happen during a development series (1.1.x, 1.3.x, etc.) in git master, leading up to a new major stable release (1.2.0, 1.4.0, 1.6.0). No plugin moves will happen within a bug-fix release series.