GStreamer release schedule for 2011

Proposed release schedule / roadmap for the year 2011.

Summary Schedule

This is a tentative schedule for releases for the first few months of 2011:





Jan 5

Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/python/gnonlin freeze

~Jan 20

Core 0.10.32, Base 0.10.32, Good 0.10.27, Ugly 0.10.17, Bad 0.10.21, gst-python 0.10.21, gnonlin 0.10.16 release

~Jan 21

Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad/python/gnonlin thaw



Mar 8

Good 0.10.28 release (one patch ad-hoc release to fix build issue)



Apr 14

Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad freeze

May 10

Core 0.10.33, Base 0.10.33, Good 0.10.29, Ugly 0.10.18, Bad 0.10.22 release

May 13

Core 0.10.34, Base 0.10.34 release (to fix critical multiqueue regression)

May 14

Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad thaw



June 15

Core 0.10.35, Base 0.10.35, Good 0.10.30 release (to handle GLib 2.29.x atomic ops API change)



July 6

Core/Base 0.11.0 release (unstable development series)



December 11

stable Core/Base/Good/Ugly/Bad 0.10.x pre-releases

end-December / early-January

Core 0.10.36, Base 0.10.36, Good 0.10.31, Ugly 0.10.19, Bad 0.10.23 stable releases

gst-ffmpeg, gst-python, and gnonlin releases may be done in any of these cycles as well.

Process (not entirely up-to-date)

At the moment there are 7 GStreamer modules included in the schedule:

Each module will see a release every 3 months. For an explanation of the freezes please see here.

Modules not included:

Release procedure for Core/Base/Python

The release procedure is to freeze the modules, and then make a series of pre-release tarballs. 2 weeks later, the final release is done. At the discretion of the release manager, this may happen after only one week if no bugs are found, and we can all go to the pub.

The modules thaw the day after the final release, just in case a paper bag release is needed.

Release procedure for plugin modules

Plugin module releases begin with a plugin move window (4 days), then freeze and pre-releases begin. 2 weeks later the final release is done. At the discretion of the release manager, this may happen after only one week if no bugs are found.

Code & dependency freezes end the day after the final release.

Additionally, when Good/Bad are released (together), the Bad module is branched so that later a 2nd option 'plugin moves' release of Bad can be done simultaneously with Ugly if needed

We may vary the schedule to skip an FFmpeg release from time to time if it seems that nothing exciting has been changed, since releases of FFmpeg require a lot of testing due to the quantity of codecs.

Plugin Moves

From time to time, plugins improve in quality sufficiently to warrant moving them from Bad to Good or Bad to Ugly (or sometimes vice versa in cases of neglect). Such plugin moves require simultaneous releases of the modules involved so that we never ship tarballs with conflicting installed plugins.

To support this, the schedule provides plugin move windows during which plugins can be moved. Further, after the Good/Bad release, the Bad module will be branched. If during the next Ugly/FFmpeg release phase plugin moves happen between the Bad & Ugly modules, a 2nd release of the Bad plugins will occur from the branch with the only changes being the removal or addition of plugins from the Ugly module.

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