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This page is for new design and content for the gstreamer website.

Website targets

  • Pointy haired bosses (gives ok to invest in gstreamer for a project or not, needs to learn gstreamer is amazing)
  • Application developers (needs to find good docs and info so they can get their work done)
  • Potential contributors (needs to find communication channels, check out the code, learn how patch submission works etc.)


NewWebSiteSketches NewWebSiteMockups NewWebSiteMockups2

Content skeleton (draft)

Develop with Gstreamer

  • intro
  • APIs
  • examples (code)
  • support channels
  • download
  • tools (gst-launch, gst-inspect etc.)


  • Showcase
  • devices (n900, meego, palm pre)
  • apps (banshee, moovia, pitivi, audour)
  • Success stories (olpc, nokia, intel) -stories
  • (high-level)technology overview

Frontpage Newsfeed

  • success stories
  • new (major) releases
  • events


  • vcs
  • mailing lists
  • gstreamer-devel (gstreamer-cvs, gstreamer-bugs, gstreamer-daily, gstreamer-gstopenmax) gstreamer-embedded
  • irc
  • getting your patches in (coding standards & review procedures)

  • news about unstable versions

Get it

  • Linux distros
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

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