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=== liboil === === orc (replaces liboil) ===

The easiest way to build GStreamer is with a scratchbox environment, either scratchbox, or scratchbox2.

Set prefix to the place where you want GStreamer to be installed.


./configure --prefix="$prefix" --disable-static --with-html-dir=/tmp/dump
make install


./configure --prefix="$prefix" --disable-nls --disable-static --disable-gobject-cast-checks --enable-binary-registry --disable-loadsave --disable-trace --with-html-dir=/tmp/dump
make install

orc (replaces liboil)

./configure --prefix="$prefix" --disable-static --with-html-dir=/tmp/dump
make install


./configure --prefix="$prefix" --disable-nls --disable-static --with-html-dir=/tmp/dump
make install


./configure --prefix="$prefix" --disable-nls --disable-static --with-html-dir=/tmp/dump --with-plugins=avi,qtdemux
make install

Note: If you want all the plug-ins remove the with-plugins option, otherwise specify the ones you want


./configure --prefix="$prefix" --disable-nls --disable-static --with-html-dir=/tmp/dump --with-plugins=asfdemux
make install

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