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  * DeviceProfiles: device encoding profiles for GStreamer   * DeviceProfile: device encoding profiles for GStreamer

Design Discussions

Note: none of the core developers do design discussions on the wiki. Bugzilla and IRC are better places to discuss design. These wiki pages are more of a scratchpad.

Space for drafting new features.

  • Core:
    • -BufferMetadata: variable extra data keept with buffers- (obsolete)

    • -NewCapsFields: discuss new caps fields- (obsolete)

    • -NewGstVideo: discuss replacement for gst-libs/gst/video API for caps parsing/building of raw yuv/rgb types- (obsolete)

  • Base classes:
  • Bins:
  • (Gtk) widget library in gst-plugins-base:
  • Presets (Profiles)
  • ZeroPointEleven: GStreamer 0.11 / 1.0 discussions

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