Buzztard is a music composer.

Project ideas

  • Port from ?InterpolationController to own controller class (see buzztard wiki)
  • Use ?EncodeBin for Song Rendering (see buzztard wiki)
  • Audio recording for wave-table
  • Improve bt-dec, the buzztard song decoder that can be used in playbin2
  • Write a audio-synthesizer baseclass to ease porting the plugins in gst-buzztard to 0.11 (will be used for simsyn, fluidsynth and the sources in bml)
  • Port to 0.11


Skills needed

  • C
  • Gtk
  • the more GStreamer experience the better Students interested in doing a Google Summer of code project around buzztard should join the #buzztard channel on You should be able to find someone online at almost any time to discuss your project idea there.

*Mentor: Stefan Sauer (buzztard author) aka ensonic on IRC *

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