Chapter 15. Dynamic Controllable Parameters

15.1. Getting Started

The controller subsystem offers a lightweight way to adjust gobject properties over stream-time. It works by using time-stamped value pairs that are queued for element-properties. At run-time the elements continously pull values changes for the current stream-time.

This subsystem is contained within the gstcontroller library. You need to include the header in your application's source file:

#include <gst/gst.h>
#include <gst/controller/gstcontroller.h>

Your application should link to the shared library gstreamer-controller.

The gstreamer-controller library needs to be initialized when your application is run. This can be done after the the GStreamer library has been initialized.

  gst_init (&argc, &argv);
  gst_controller_init (&argc, &argv);