gst-plugins-good Plugins

1394Source for video data via IEEE1394 interface
aasinkASCII Art video sink
alawALaw audio conversion routines
alphaadds an alpha channel to video - constant or via chroma-keying
alphacolorRGBA from/to AYUV colorspace conversion preserving the alpha channel
apetagAPEv1/2 tag reader
audiofxAudio effects plugin
auparseparses au streams
autodetectPlugin contains auto-detection plugins for video/audio in- and outputs
aviAVI stream handling
cacasinkColored ASCII Art video sink
cairoCairo-based elements
cutterAudio Cutter to split audio into non-silent bits
debugelements for testing and debugging
directsoundDirectSound plugin
dtmfDTMF plugins
dvDV demuxer and decoder based on libdv (
equalizerGStreamer audio equalizers
effectveffect plugins from the effectv project
flacThe FLAC Lossless compressor Codec
flvFLV muxing and demuxing plugin
flxdecFLC/FLI/FLX video decoder
gdkpixbufGdkPixbuf-based image decoder, overlay and sink
goomGOOM visualization filter
goom2k1GOOM 2k1 visualization filter
icydemuxDemux ICY tags from a stream
id3demuxDemux ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags from a file
imagefreezeStill frame stream generator
interleaveAudio interleaver/deinterleaver
isomp4ISO base media file format support (mp4, 3gpp, qt, mj2)
jackJACK audio elements
jpegJPeg plugin library
levelAudio level plugin
matroskaMatroska and WebM stream handling
monoscopeMonoscope visualization
mulawMuLaw audio conversion routines
multifileReads/Writes buffers from/to sequentially named files
multipartmultipart stream manipulation
navigationtestTemplate for a video filter
oss4Open Sound System (OSS) version 4 support for GStreamer
ossaudioOSS (Open Sound System) support for GStreamer
osxaudioOSX (Mac OS X) audio support for GStreamer
osxvideoOSX native video output plugin
pngPNG plugin library
pulseaudioPulseAudio plugin library
replaygainReplayGain volume normalization
rtpReal-time protocol plugins
rtpmanagerRTP session management plugin library
rtsptransfer data via RTSP
shapewipeShape Wipe transition filter
shout2sendSends data to an icecast server using libshout2
smpteApply the standard SMPTE transitions on video images
souplibsoup HTTP client src/sink
spectrumRun an FFT on the audio signal, output spectrum data
speexSpeex plugin library
taglibTag writing plug-in based on taglib
udptransfer data via UDP
video4linux2elements for Video 4 Linux
videoboxresizes a video by adding borders or cropping
videocropCrops video into a user-defined region
videofilterVideo filters plugin
videomixerVideo mixer
vpxVP8 plugin
waveformWaveForm API based plugin
wavencEncode raw audio into WAV
wavpackWavpack lossless/lossy audio format handling
wavparseParse a .wav file into raw audio
ximagesrcX11 video input plugin using standard Xlib calls
y4mencEncodes a YUV frame into the yuv4mpeg format (mjpegtools)