gst-plugins-good Elements

3gppmux — Muxer for 3GPP (.3gp) files
aacparse — AAC parser
aasink — An ASCII art videosink
ac3parse — AC3 parser
agingtv — AgingTV adds age to video input using scratches and dust
alpha — Adds an alpha channel to video - uniform or via chroma-keying
alphacolor — ARGB from/to AYUV colorspace conversion preserving the alpha channel
alawdec — Convert 8bit A law to 16bit PCM
alawenc — Convert 16bit PCM to 8bit A law
amrparse — AMR parser
apedemux — Read and output APE tags while demuxing the contents
apev2mux — Adds an APEv2 header to the beginning of files using taglib
aspectratiocrop — Crops video into a user-defined aspect-ratio
audioamplify — Amplifies an audio stream by a given factor
audiochebband — Chebyshev band pass and band reject filter
audiocheblimit — Chebyshev low pass and high pass filter
audiofirfilter — Generic audio FIR filter with custom filter kernel
audioiirfilter — Generic audio IIR filter with custom filter kernel
audiowsincband — Band pass and band reject windowed sinc filter
audiowsinclimit — Low pass and high pass windowed sinc filter
audioecho — Adds an echo or reverb effect to an audio stream
audiodynamic — Compressor and Expander
audioinvert — Swaps upper and lower half of audio samples
audiopanorama — Positions audio streams in the stereo panorama
audiokaraoke — Removes voice from sound
auparse — Parse an .au file into raw audio
autoaudiosink — Wrapper audio sink for automatically detected audio sink
autoaudiosrc — Wrapper audio source for automatically detected audio source
autovideosink — Wrapper video sink for automatically detected video sink
autovideosrc — Wrapper video source for automatically detected video source
avidemux — Demultiplex an avi file into audio and video
avimux — Muxes audio and video into an avi stream
avisubtitle — Parse avi subtitle stream
cacasink — A colored ASCII art videosink
cairooverlay — Render overlay on a video stream using Cairo
capssetter — Set/merge caps on stream
cutter — Audio Cutter to split audio into non-silent bits
dcaparse — DCA (DTS Coherent Acoustics) parser
deinterlace — Deinterlace Methods ported from DScaler/TvTime
deinterleave — Splits one interleaved multichannel audio stream into many mono audio streams
dicetv — 'Dices' the screen up into many small squares
directsoundsink — DirectSound audio sink
dtmfsrc — Generates DTMF tones
dv1394src — Source for DV video data from firewire port
dvdec — Uses libdv to decode DV video (smpte314) (
dvdemux — Uses libdv to separate DV audio from DV video (
edgetv — Apply edge detect on video
equalizer-10bands — Direct Form 10 band IIR equalizer
equalizer-3bands — Direct Form 3 band IIR equalizer
equalizer-nbands — Direct Form IIR equalizer
flacdec — Decodes FLAC lossless audio streams
flacenc — Encodes audio with the FLAC lossless audio encoder
flacparse — Parses audio with the FLAC lossless audio codec
flactag — Rewrite tags in a FLAC file
flvdemux — Demux FLV feeds into digital streams
flvmux — Muxes video/audio streams into a FLV stream
flxdec — FLC/FLI/FLX video decoder
gamma — Adjusts gamma on a video stream
gdkpixbufsink — Output images as GdkPixbuf objects in bus messages
goom — Takes frames of data and outputs video frames using the GOOM filter
goom2k1 — Takes frames of data and outputs video frames using the GOOM 2k1 filter
hdv1394src — Source for MPEG-TS video data from firewire port
icydemux — Read and output ICY tags while demuxing the contents
id3demux — Read and output ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags while demuxing the contents
id3v2mux — Adds an ID3v2 header to the beginning of MP3 files using taglib
imagefreeze — Generates a still frame stream from an image
interleave — Folds many mono channels into one interleaved audio stream
ismlmux — Muxer for ISML smooth streaming (.isml) files
jackaudiosrc — Captures audio from a JACK server
jackaudiosink — Output audio to a JACK server
jpegdec — Decode images from JPEG format
jpegenc — Encode images in JPEG format
level — RMS/Peak/Decaying Peak Level messager for audio/raw
matroskamux — Muxes video/audio/subtitle streams into a matroska stream
matroskademux — Demuxes Matroska/WebM streams into video/audio/subtitles
mj2mux — Muxer for Motion JPEG-2000 (.mj2) files
monoscope — Displays a highly stabilised waveform of audio input
mpegaudioparse — MPEG audio parser
mp4mux — Muxer for ISO MPEG-4 (.mp4) files
mulawdec — Convert 8bit mu law to 16bit PCM
mulawenc — Convert 16bit PCM to 8bit mu law
multifilesink — Write buffers to a sequentially named set of files
multifilesrc — Read a sequentially named set of files into buffers
multipartdemux — demux multipart streams
multipartmux — mux multipart streams
multiudpsink — Send data over the network via UDP to one or multiple recipients which can be added or removed at runtime using action signals
optv — Optical art meets real-time video effect
oss4sink — Output to a sound card via OSS version 4
oss4src — Capture from a sound card via OSS version 4
osssink — Output to a sound card via OSS
osssrc — Capture from a sound card via OSS
osxaudiosink — Output to a sound card in OS X
osxaudiosrc — Input from a sound card in OS X
osxvideosink — OSX native videosink
pngdec — Decode a png video frame to a raw image
pngenc — Encode a video frame to a .png image
progressreport — Periodically query and report on processing progress
pulsesink — Plays audio to a PulseAudio server
pulsesrc — Captures audio from a PulseAudio server
quarktv — Motion dissolver
qtdemux — Demultiplex a QuickTime file into audio and video streams
qtmux — Muxer for quicktime(.mov) files
qtmoovrecover — Utility element for recovering unfinished quicktime files
radioactv — motion-enlightment effect
revtv — A video waveform monitor for each line of video processed
rganalysis — Perform the ReplayGain analysis
rglimiter — Apply signal compression to raw audio data
rgvolume — Apply ReplayGain volume adjustment
rippletv — RippleTV does ripple mark effect on the video input
rtpdec — Accepts raw RTP and RTCP packets and sends them forward
rtpac3depay — Extracts AC3 audio from RTP packets (RFC 4184)
rtpac3pay — Payload AC3 audio as RTP packets (RFC 4184)
rtpamrdepay — Extracts AMR or AMR-WB audio from RTP packets (RFC 3267)
rtpamrpay — Payload-encode AMR or AMR-WB audio into RTP packets (RFC 3267)
rtpbvdepay — Extracts BroadcomVoice audio from RTP packets (RFC 4298)
rtpbvpay — Packetize BroadcomVoice audio streams into RTP packets (RFC 4298)
rtpL16depay — Extracts raw audio from RTP packets
rtpL16pay — Payload-encode Raw audio into RTP packets (RFC 3551)
rtpj2kpay — Payload-encodes JPEG 2000 pictures into RTP packets (RFC 5371)
rtpjpegpay — Payload-encodes JPEG pictures into RTP packets (RFC 2435)
rtpsbcpay — Payload SBC audio as RTP packets
rtspsrc — Receive data over the network via RTSP (RFC 2326)
rtpbin — Real-Time Transport Protocol bin
rtpdtmfmux — mixes RTP DTMF streams into other RTP streams
rtpdtmfsrc — Generates RTP DTMF packets
rtpjitterbuffer — A buffer that deals with network jitter and other transmission faults
rtpmux — multiplex N rtp streams into one
rtpptdemux — Parses codec streams transmitted in the same RTP session
rtpsession — Implement an RTP session
rtpssrcdemux — Splits RTP streams based on the SSRC
rtprtxsend — Retransmit RTP packets when needed, according to RFC4588
rtprtxreceive — Receive retransmitted RTP packets according to RFC4588
sbcparse — Parses an SBC bluetooth audio stream
scaletempo — Sync audio tempo with playback rate
shagadelictv — Oh behave, ShagedelicTV makes images shagadelic!
shapewipe — Adds a shape wipe transition to a video stream
shout2send — Sends data to an icecast server
smpte — Apply the standard SMPTE transitions on video images
smptealpha — Apply the standard SMPTE transitions as alpha on video images
souphttpsrc — Receive data as a client over the network via HTTP using SOUP
spectrum — Run an FFT on the audio signal, output spectrum data
speexenc — Encodes audio in Speex format
speexdec — decode speex streams to audio
splitfilesrc — Read a sequentially named set of files as if it was one large file
streaktv — StreakTV makes after images of moving objects
taginject — inject metadata tags
udpsrc — Receive data over the network via UDP
udpsink — Send data over the network via UDP
v4l2src — Reads frames from a Video4Linux2 device
v4l2sink — Displays frames on a video4linux2 device
v4l2radio — Controls a Video4Linux2 radio device
vertigotv — A loopback alpha blending effector with rotating and scaling
videobalance — Adjusts brightness, contrast, hue, saturation on a video stream
videobox — Resizes a video by adding borders or cropping
videocrop — Crops video into a user-defined region
videoflip — Flips and rotates video
videomixer — Mix multiple video streams
vp8dec — Decode VP8 video streams
vp8enc — Encode VP8 video streams
warptv — WarpTV does realtime goo'ing of the video input
wavenc — Encode raw audio into WAV
waveformsink — WaveForm audio sink
wavpackdec — Decodes Wavpack audio data
wavpackenc — Encodes audio with the Wavpack lossless/lossy audio codec
wavpackparse — Wavpack parser
wavparse — Parse a .wav file into raw audio
webmmux — Muxes video and audio streams into a WebM stream
ximagesrc — Creates a screenshot video stream
y4menc — Encodes a YUV frame into the yuv4mpeg format (mjpegtools)