gst-plugins-base Plugins

adderAdds multiple streams
alsaALSA plugin library
appElements used to communicate with applications
audioconvertConvert audio to different formats
audiorateAdjusts audio frames
audioresampleResamples audio
audiotestsrcCreates audio test signals of given frequency and volume
cdparanoiaRead audio from CD in paranoid mode
encodingvarious encoding-related elements
videoconvertColorspace conversion
gioGIO elements
libvisuallibvisual visualization plugins
oggogg stream manipulation (info about ogg:
pangoPango-based text rendering and overlay
playbackvarious playback elements
subparseSubtitle parsing
tcptransfer data over the network via TCP
theoraTheora plugin library
typefindfunctionsdefault typefind functions
videorateAdjusts video frames
videoscaleResizes video
videotestsrcCreates a test video stream
volumeplugin for controlling audio volume
vorbisVorbis plugin library
ximagesinkX11 video output element based on standard Xlib calls
xvimagesinkXFree86 video output plugin using Xv extension