gst-plugins-bad Elements

accurip — Computes an AccurateRip CRC
assrender — Renders ASS/SSA subtitles with libass
autoconvert — Selects the right transform element based on the caps
bulge — Adds a protuberance in the center point
burn — Burn adjusts the colors in the video signal.
camerabin — Take image snapshots and record movies from camera
chromium — Chromium breaks the colors of the video signal.
circle — Warps the picture into an arc shaped form
coloreffects — Color Look-up Table filter
compositor — Composite multiple video streams
cvdilate — Applies cvDilate OpenCV function to the image
cverode — Applies cvErode OpenCV function to the image
cvequalizehist — Applies cvEqualizeHist OpenCV function to the image
cvlaplace — Applies cvLaplace OpenCV function to the image
cvsmooth — Applies cvSmooth OpenCV function to the image
cvsobel — Applies cvSobel OpenCV function to the image
dataurisrc — Handles data: uris
diffuse — Diffuses the image by moving its pixels in random directions
dilate — Dilate copies the brightest pixel around.
dodge — Dodge saturates the colors in the video signal.
dtmfdetect — This element detects DTMF tones
dtsdec — Decodes DTS audio streams
dvbsrc — Digital Video Broadcast Source
dvdspu — Parses Sub-Picture command streams and renders the SPU overlay onto the video as it passes through
exclusion — Exclusion exclodes the colors in the video signal.
edgedetect — Performs canny edge detection on videos and images.
eglglessink — An EGL/GLES Video Output Sink Implementing the VideoOverlay interface
faac — Free MPEG-2/4 AAC encoder
faad — Free MPEG-2/4 AAC decoder
faceblur — Blurs faces in images and videos
facedetect — Performs face detection on videos and images, providing detected positions via bus messages
festival — Synthesizes plain text into audio
fisheye — Simulate a fisheye lens by zooming on the center of the image and compressing the edges
fpsdisplaysink — Shows the current frame-rate and drop-rate of the videosink as overlay or text on stdout
gaussianblur — Perform Gaussian blur/sharpen on a video
jpegparse — JPEG parser
kaleidoscope — Applies 'kaleidoscope' geometric transform to the image
liveadder — Mixes live/discontinuous audio streams
marble — Applies a marbling effect to the image
mimenc — MSN Messenger compatible Mimic video encoder element
mimdec — MSN Messenger compatible Mimic video decoder element
mirror — Split the image into two halves and reflect one over each other
modplug — Module decoder based on modplug engine
mpeg2enc — High-quality MPEG-1/2 video encoder
mplex — High-quality MPEG/DVD/SVCD/VCD video/audio multiplexer
mpg123audiodec — Decodes mp3 streams using the mpg123 library
neonhttpsrc — Receive data as a client over the network via HTTP using NEON
ofa — Find a music fingerprint using MusicIP's libofa
openalsrc — Input audio through OpenAL
openalsink — Output audio through OpenAL
pcapparse — Parses a raw pcap stream
pinch — Applies 'pinch' geometric transform to the image
pyramidsegment — Applies pyramid segmentation to a video or image.
rfbsrc — Creates a rfb video stream
rtmpsink — Sends FLV content to a server via RTMP
rtmpsrc — Read RTMP streams
shmsink — Send data over shared memory to the matching source
shmsrc — Receive data from the shared memory sink
sdpdemux — Receive data over the network via SDP
solarize — Solarize tunable inverse in the video signal.
spacescope — Simple stereo visualizer
spectrascope — Simple frequency spectrum scope
synaescope — Creates video visualizations of audio input, using stereo and pitch information
speed — Set speed/pitch on audio/raw streams (resampler)
sphere — Applies 'sphere' geometric transform to the image
square — Distort center part of the image into a square
stretch — Stretch the image in a circle around the center point
templatematch — Performs template matching on videos and images, providing detected positions via bus messages.
opencvtextoverlay — Write text on the top of video
tunnel — Light tunnel effect
twirl — Twists the image from the center out
videoparse — Converts stream into video frames
waterripple — Creates a water ripple effect on the image
zbar — Detect bar codes in the video streams
voaacenc — AAC audio encoder
voamrwbenc — Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband audio encoder
wavescope — Simple waveform oscilloscope